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Sunday, July 29, 2012

"How I Make That Money Honey" LINK-UP!

It's finally time to link-up and share with the blog-o-sphere what we do every day in our "real jobs". I can't wait to read about what all of you do professionally because I'm nosy like that. Kind of like how I love to look into my neighbors' windows at night when I walk the dog to see how they decorate.  That sounds way creepier as I type that out.  Forget I said that.

I like to think my professional career began at my Alma mater, Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.  TTU, or just "Tech" for short, is a public university about six hours west of Dallas, and is the sixth largest university in Texas.

In Fall 2011, there were a little over 32K students enrolled at Tech. Moving six hours away to a relatively small West Texas town was scary, but I loved my time there and had the most amazing collegiate experience.  My freshman year spent living in the dorms was definitely my favorite year in school and is when I met many of my best friends that I still have to this day.

At TTU, I was involved in the Department of Student Media, which is the department that produces the student newspaper, the campus yearbook and a website devoted to new media.  It was hands-on experience that I couldn't get in a class room and I learned so much about design, layout, writing and production of an actual publication.  My junior and senior year I actually served as editor-in-chief of our award winning yearbook.  #nerdyandidon'tcare
Look who! Throw back Bargain Blonde.
I graduated on August 12, 2006, from the College of Mass Communications with a degree in Journalism and a minor in English.  My college graduation day was also my 22nd birthday! Crazy, right?  Two celebrations in one!  

After I graduated, I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, which is where my Mom lives because I kinda forgot about that whole "looking for a job" thing you are supposed to do before you graduate.  A few months later I had a phone interview for a job in Dallas and then they wanted me to come in for a face-to-face, so without really any thought, I packed my car up and drove the 18 hours back to Texas, which is where I've been ever since.  

I actually didn't get that job, but a few weeks later I had my second post-college interview for a Communications Specialist position at a financial company, which I DID get.  

I stayed with that company for four years and moved up to a role as Director of Communications, which means I oversaw all internal and external communications for a conglomerate of companies.  I am very appreciative for that job as I learned a lot about corporate america and corporate communications . However, after 4 years, I was ready to move on and needed a new challenge, so I left for the job I currently have now.  

I've been with my current company for two years and my official title is "Internal Communications Specialist Senior".  It's a public company that has over 15,500 employees globally.  My particular office is business casual and we have almost 500 employees between our location in Texas and our sister site in South America.
Typical attire I wear to the office although on some days I do not look nearly this pulled together.

Basically, I'm responsible for these forms of communication within our company:
  • Electronic: - Company email messages, employee intranet (write and publish news stories and make all updates to site), videos, electronic newsletters, photography, create presentations for senior management
  • Print: - Newsletters, brochures, posters, memos, communication packs or 'toolkits'

As you can see, I use a lot of what I learned in college in my day-to-day job responsibilites. Writing has always been a passion of mine. Hence, this blog. I do enjoy working in the corporate communications field, but I would love to branch out into more of a external communications role with a focus on social media.  

My ultimate goal in life is to just get paid to do what I'm truly passionate about so that I will never have to "work" a day in my life again. I mean, who doesn't want to follow their dreams and make a living doing what they love? I sure do.

Speaking of things I'd love, I'd love for all of you to share what you do in your "real jobs" by linking-up below.    All I ask is that you include a link in your post back to here.  I'd love if you grabbed the button at the top of this post as well!

 Don't forget that you can tell us about your day-to-day responsibilities are as a SAHM or what kind of job you are looking for if you are unemployed or a recent gradute.  I'm not limiting this link-up to only people who clock in 8 to 5 at an office every day.  

This link-up will be open until midnight this Friday when it comes time to link-up your Friday Faves from the week!  

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Countdown to the Olympics + "How I Make That Money Honey" link-up deets

We are less than 24 hours away from the opening ceremony in London for the 2012 Olympic games.  Who else is excited?  In anticipation of the games, I decided to peruse the official London 2012 Website this morning and um, I have a few concerns about the athlete photos.

Why is this Michael Phelps' official picture?  Can we get the guy a hair brush? A hair cut? Some product? A razor? Something, please. He looks homeless.

It's not just Michael, though.  What is going on with ALL of the U.S.A. athlete photos? I spy a to catch a predator suspect on the top row and a girl that look like she got busted for DUI and cried in the squad car all the way to the clink on the bottom row.
You'll notice there are blue and red circles.  I've used the blue to circle all the hotties.  You are welcome.  The red are the photos that concern me the most.

I mean, at the very least, could the person in charge not crop the photos the same way?  Stephanie Brown Trafton looks like she's sitting in a salon chair with a hair cape on.  It's all very strange, so if anyone on the International Olympic Committee is reading (and I'm sure you all are), please just put me in charge of athlete mug shots for now on.  Goodness gracious. If you want to see all of the USA photos, go here.

And while I'm on the topic of the Olympics, I wanted to share some Stella and Dot gold, silver and bronze earrings all less than $35 dollars.
Gold ($34) / Silver ($31.20 on sale) / Bronze ($29)

And tomorrow as part of my Friday Faves, I am going to post some pictures of me and Bela Karolyi for your viewing pleasure.  You didn't know we were besties? Oh, we are.

Last but not least, I mentioned hosting a "How I Make That Money Honey" and it seems several of you were interested.  The time has come!  Grab the button below and start preparing your posts because we're linking-up Monday.

How I Make That Money Honey Link-up Instructions 
In case you missed the original post about this, I wanted to host a link-up so that we can share what we do in our "real jobs" whether that be in corporate america or as a SAHM.  You may not get a physical pay check if you are staying at home, but you should.  So even if you don't clock in at the office at 8 a.m., I know everyone would love to read what a "day-in-the-life" with a SAHM is like.

As a reminder, I strongly encourage you to be as discreet as possible when telling us about your jobs.  Please don't reveal company names or locations.  We don't need anyone ending up on Dateline.  Simply tell us what your profession is and what your job responsibilities are.  I also think it would be interesting to know what your degree is in if you went to college and to see if you actually apply it in your career.  Just an idea!

I'm going to leave the link-up open all week in case some of you already participate in Monday link-ups.  Let me know if you have any questions. I can't wait to read all of your posts on Monday!  
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